Tips to Arrange April Fool Party

Are you thinking of giving a party on April Fool? You have chosen the best of all days. Your party will surely be the most exciting and great party of the season. Find out how you should arrange the most successful April Fool party. A moment later everyone was startled by what sounded like the explosion of a firecracker. It was a trick knife that exploded when Hank started to use it. Suddenly and with no reason at all a candle went out.

In a few minutes out went another, to be followed by others at short intervals. In a very short time the table was in darkness. As soon as possible we relighted the candles and the meal progressed. When Ruth discovered a big spider on the sweet peas the girls were horrified. It turned out to be a fake as were the crickets which filled the sugar bowl.

When Teddy passed the pickle dish a huge butterfly flew from under it and sailed across the table. Of course, the boys had to retrieve the butterfly and examine it and then try it again and again. All these paper novelties are inexpensive and can be purchased at any novelty shop. The trick with the candles was simple.

Cut a candle clear across through the wick any distance you wish from the top, depending on how long you want it to burn. Then heat the severed parts and press wax together. The cut is not then noticeable. The candle will burn until it gets down to the cut wick when it goes out.

By the time the dessert of upside-down cake an appropriate April Fool's Day dessert had been devoured, these young moderns were ready for an evening of fun. They were much intrigued with that very appropriate April Fool game of "I Doubt It." There were eight youngsters.

We used two decks of playing cards shuffled together. The cards were all dealt around the table. The object of the game is to get rid of one's cards. The first person playing starts with ones or aces. He picks a given number of cards from his hand and says, laying them face down in the center of the table, "I am playing three aces." If he looks honest and you think he is playing just three cards and they are aces, no one "doubts it.

" The next person in line plays twos, the third threes, etc. At any time anyone playing may "doubt" the honesty of the player. If the player has misstated his play and someone "doubts" it, the player takes the whole pile of cards which has accumulated in the center of the table. If he has stated his play correctly, the doubter takes the whole pile. If it is the players turn to play fours and he does not have any, he substitutes something else and still announces he is playing fours.

Perhaps he will get by with it and perhaps his bluff will be called by a "doubter." The winner gets a prize and the loser (the one with the most cards in his hands when the game is finished) gets a dunce's cap. This game turned out to be so interesting that the evening was gone and it was time to go home before anyone realized it. The youngsters declared the party had been the most fun of any April Fool party they could remember. As they left for their homes they were still trying to get "April Fool" on each other.

There is no wrong in saying that it is a day for youngsters. A day full of doubt. Fool your party guest, it will delight them more.

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