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KeyWords: Netflix Phone Number,Netflix service, Netflix Review,Netflix Special Offers I wanted to give a Netflix Review the Netflix Service and Netflix phone number. because I have been using the Netflix, DVD MOVIE rental service. Excitement rushing through me caused me to call the Netflix phone number to see how long I had to wait. Since it was busy, I found the Netflix service number and got a hold of a really nice customer agent. The massive momentum the company has is clear.

I have had it recommended to me by many of my friends. You subscribe for a FREE,14 day FREE TRIAL, and select a list of DVDs you want to see and they mail you the MOVIES in an envelope one or two at a time. You watch your movie and then mail the DVD back in the same envelope. After you send back your movie they send you another one off of the list that you selected.

The movie selection you have to choose from is enormous, including almost every movie made. I used to rent movies from the store all the time. This service really pays for itself simply for the convenience of not even having to get in your car and go to the Video Store.

If you ever need to speak to a live person I found where to get theNetflix phone number. Special offers are gong on all the time and when your on the site, just click on the link for special offers and it will take you to the offer of the day. For access to a steady stream of movies , with about a day for them to mail it to you and a day for you to mail it back. On my list I have a huge selection of titles that you just cant find anywhere, at any of the video stores. This highly successful venture has caught the attention of Google and they have plans to tap into this huge market also. Some problem's exist when you return your movies too soon and they will not send you back the new one's as fast.

The term throttling is what it's called. So far it is not a problem for me ,cause I cant watch more than one or two movies a night, even when some of my friends go thru 8-10 a week. I get so excited to check my mail box every day to see if I received any new one's.

Their system of using the postal service to deliver the movies is just down right genius. The monthly fee is less than renting a weekend of movies at the store and far more fun than tv. I did have 1 with scratches in it but it was replaced in about 4 days.

I like to talk to a customer representative once in a while, so on my blog I have the Netflix phone number listed. I give them a 2 thumbs up and recommend you try it for the free 14 day trial. By then you should have your own opinion of the system and know if it is something for you.

Aloha and Good Luck.

The author: Sam Blankenship, is a movie maniac and loves to share his outlook with everyone. If you want the Netflix Phone Number just click on the link. If you were looing for Netflix Service Numberclick the link.

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