How to Entertain a Sick Child

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to entertain a sick child. He used to be more irritable and bored. But, for the parents they have to keep nourished and entertained him.

Here are few tips on how to keep your sick child busy in games and forget his pain. Young children love "Finger Fairies." They can be drawn or traced on heavy white paper.

Two fingers are inserted into the holes in the body to take the place of legs. You can make the finger fairy walk or dance up your arm or over the bedspread. And the fairy can tell Junior it is time for this or that. As soon as the youngsters get acquainted with your finger fairies they'll want some of their own. Draw one for the young invalid, except that you make the holes to fit his fingers. He'll love marching it up and down.

The mailman can help you with your sick child too. Drop postal cards in the mail addressed to the invalid. If you have time and the knack you can write little letters or draw funny pictures for the bed-ridden one then mail them. They'll be ever so much more interesting if they come through the mail. The arrival of the mailman will help break the day's monotony.

Let your imagination run riot. When you enter the sickroom don't always be just plain Mother. Be a lady coming to call or the garbage man stopping in for a chat. Before you know it Junior will become another person maybe a king or a queen, and you'll have to curtsy when you enter the room. Chuckles will greet you instead of whines if you catch his fancy in this game.

The radio can be your child's friend, but for Heaven's sake watch what programs he is listening to or he may wear himself out listening to too many thriller-dillers. Beside the puzzle we spoke of there are many kinds of handwork that are diverting. All of this equipment can be served on trays as needed. Scissors and paste, modeling clay, crayons, paper dolls, mosaic blocks, soap for carving, and doll furniture. The doll furniture can be made by the youngster or for the youngster out of safety-match boxes and cardboard and heavy paper.

Whatever you do, don't fail to be proud of the results of Junior's efforts. Even though his work turns out to be very poor, remember that he needs encouragement and praise. It doesn't matter how well he carves a horse, what a count is that he is busy carving. When mealtime rolls around be sure that the helpings on his plate are small.

It's very discouraging to face a big plate of food when your appetite is skittish. It's easy to fold a sheet of paper and pin it tepee fashion to set over his plate. He'll think it lots more fun eating a meal the Indians left. Here's hoping all your children will stay well, but if they should be laid up don't let the worry and work keep you from bringing play activities to the child.

For a busy child is a happy child, and a happy child recovers more quickly.

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