Four Reasons Why Many Marriages Are Unsuccessful

Recent studies have shown that a large percentage of people who get married are divorced within the first 2 years of the marriage. I will discuss some of the main reasons why these marriages have been unsuccessful. Rushing into marriage All too often people will get married without taking ample time to get to know their partner. There are people who will get married to someone after knowing them for less than seven months.

This is not enough time to decide whether you are truly interested in getting married to someone. After many of these couples get married they will realize that they are not compatible with each other and their marriage will end shortly there after. Getting married to a person who has a serious problem There are many people who will get married to their partner knowing that they have a serious problem.

This problem can be an alcohol problem, drug problem, or an infidelity problem just to name a few. In many cases someone will get married to someone who has one of these problems with the assumption that things will get better after they are married. However, many studies have proven that these personal problems do not get better, sometimes they get worse. Most of these marriages will end within the first 2 years of the marriage when the person realize that their partner's problem has not been resolved since they have been married. Getting married for the wrong reason We all know that money can't buy happiness but sometimes people try to convince themselves that they will be happy if they have a large amount of money at their disposal. There are people who will get married to someone just because they are wealthy.

These marriages are usually short lived because the person will end up being extremely unhappy shortly after the wedding. Getting married because of an accidental pregnancy These are people who get married because the woman accidentally got pregnant. Most of these people get married because they believe they are doing the right thing for the baby, not because they are in love. The majority of these marriages will end in divorce because these people are not compatible with each other.

However, they do not realize this until after the marriage because they rushed into the marriage without really getting to know each other. It's a known fact that couples who date for at least 2 years before getting married have a significantly higher chance of having a successful marriage.

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