Choosing Point of View

By Cheryl Wright

Deciding which point of view (POV) to use in your ms is a very important aspect of your story. Depending on which one you use, it can change the story completely. [ more ]

Creating Characters from Life

By Cheryl Wright

As much as we’re told not to use ‘real’ people for the basis of our characters, doing so can yield wonderfully full-bodied characters. [ more ]

Defeating Writer's Block

By Amanda Baker

If you're a writer, or a student, or anyone who's ever felt the desire or need to write, you know all about the dreaded thing known as writer's block. You sit at the computer, or your're at your desk with a pad and pen, ready to write. But nothing happens. [ more ]

How to Become a Successful Writer

By Arvind Katoch

If you want to become a successful writer then you require following certain techniques and skills. You may ask me question that you are just writing for fun. The question is not that for which purpose you are writing. [ more ]

How to Manage a Big Writing Project

By Jill L. Ferguson

You’ve decided to write a book, and now you are staring a blank computer screen, not really knowing where to begin. You have great ideas and you sort of know what you want to say—but a whole book seems so….well…big. [ more ]

Retailing with Books a Million

by Adam Smith

For the aspiring author, it is important to be familiar with potential publishers as well as the distribution channel they can offer. Eventually, much of the success of your book will fall on the quality of the publisher and their ability to push the book through the appropriate distribution channels. [ more ]

The Published Novelist: Nine Essential Qualities

By Inglath Cooper

So what does it actually take to make it as a selling writer? And beyond that, what does it take to ride out the tough spots in a highly competitive field? [ more ]

The Superwriter's Four I's of Great Storytelling

By Jennifer Turner

Superman sees through lead, Batman has the biggest bag of techno-gadgets in the business, and Wonder Woman fights for justice with a few, well placed, bits of jewelry. Super Writers see epic adventures in the smallest details, develop their individual tricks and techniques, and with a few, well placed words and phrases, make the intangible, tangible. [ more ]

What if Writing Were Any Easier?

By Lance Winslow

One of the easiest professions for someone is to become a writer, in fact although there are many starving writers out there, anyone can do it. With modern day spell-check it makes it easy. Even a non-writer can quickly become a writer in a few months. [ more ]

What Makes a Good Writer?

By Sharmila S

So you want to be a writer? How can you be a good writer? It would be difficult to define a good writer with just one definition. [ more ]

Writing the Serious Novel

By Clifford Forde

Let me put my cards on the table straight away and say that I am primarily interested here in giving you an insight into what is involved in writing a serious novel. What I mean by ‘serious’ will become more obvious, I hope, as I explain my position. [ more ]

Writing Without an Outline

By Seth Mullins

The very notion of beginning a novel - and setting down those first few paragraphs out of a projected thousand or so – can be intimidating enough to deter many people from ever making the attempt. The time and energy required is staggering. [ more ]