What if Writing Were Any Easier?

By Lance Winslow

One of the easiest professions for someone is to become a writer, in fact although there are many starving writers out there, anyone can do it. With modern day spell-check it makes it easy. Even a non-writer can quickly become a writer in a few months. Many people often brag that they are writers and you probably consider them of a high intellectual category or IQ. Sure some are, but that is hardly a requirement at all.

Anyone can become a writer and it is by far the simplest professions in the world to do. For instance I am not a writer at all, yet you are reading this article right? Why? Why are you reading this article? Because it is here; like a mountain, so you read it. If you want to improve your skills as a writer, well that is easy too. With practice and 3-6 months you can be pounding out articles and get to the point that you might even be able to write that book you have been considering writing?

Writing is easy and many people have become writers, why just look at all the libraries filled with books, each one, someone had to write, right? Sure they did and if they can do it, then you can too. What if Writing Were Any Easier? Well, if it were any easier then everyone would be doing it. So start writing, but don't tell anyone how easy it is, as they will never know this secret if you do not tell them. And they will think you are really smart and important, because soon you will be a writer too. That might look good on your resume, what do you think?