What Makes a Good Writer?

By Sharmila S

So you want to be a writer? How can you be a good writer? It would be difficult to define a good writer with just one definition.

Writing is an art as well as a science. Writing is an art since it has various styles to it and it is a science as you would use different techniques to write it.

Good writing however has much more to it than just the common techniques used. [It depends on who your target audience is and whether you know your audience well]

The parameters for a good writer depend on the audience who is going to read it.

For instance, the differences between the style content writers use and the style full-time is that the content-writers mostly use first and second person; whereas a writer for a newspaper would use an objective tone (third-person reporting). The language used is also different for different media of communication.

The general yardsticks to determine whether one is a good writer are to check whether his/her article has a good flow, eye-catching content and the language. The sentence structure, grammar, ideas and the form used are some of the other factors that play an important role in determining whether one is a good writer.

However, there is no one way to find out who a good writer is.

I was born on October 24, 1982 in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. I started writing poems at the age of 17, when I was in my 12th Grade. I won several poetry contests in school and that is what made me decide to get my poems published in anthologies and enter poetry contests. I won the "Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Performance in Poetry" from ILP, MD, USA in July 2001. My poems got published in 2 anthologies - Muse Whispers Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. I also write articles and translate documents, etc. (from German to English and English to German) on a freelance basis.

This was a great boost to me. I plan to publish my own book of poems in a few more months. You can contact me at skorpionqueen@rediffmail.com.